Crawfish Cry

Crawfish Cry

Moscow Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre

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Last event date: Saturday, May 20 2017 7:00PM

One day and one night of the last summer in the life of the great actress Sarah Bernhardt... She is already 77 years old, real life is in the past, but not completed yet.

A strong-willed woman trying to break through hundreds of years and revive memories. Embarrassing and pathetic she sits comfortably in a chair, and winds the gramophone...

Woman voice is reading a monologue of Phaedra, the  most famous role of Sarah Bernhard... Old actress still play, because theater is her life!

Participants :

Yulia Rutberg – the people's artist of Russia, Laureate of the Russian theatre prize "the Seagull" (1997) and "Crystal Turandot" (2012)

 Andrey Ilyin - Honored artist of Russia

 Director – Mikhail Tsitriniak

 After the play of the canadian playwright John Murrell “Memoir”

 Duration 1 hour 45 minutes without intermission

 Tickets - 40, 35, 30 Euro

Supporters - 25 Euro


Our offer

Foster Wing: a dance theatre production by Haris Christodoulou

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