Dystopia:Inferno/Μαριάννα Παφίτη/FlashArt2

Dystopia:Inferno/Μαριάννα Παφίτη/FlashArt2

FlashArt@Rialto 2, Neofytos Cultural Organization  more

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Last event date: Sunday, September 26 2021 8:30PM

Written by Marianna Pafiti, this original work is part of the Dystopia trilogy, portraying the relationship of a disabled woman with her caregiver. Partly experiential, the text investigates the limits of the human psyche when confinement to the wheelchair is imperative and inescapable.

Narrating this dependent relationship between the patient and the caregiver enables the main character to make frequent references to her past, which has ended, remains inaccessible, untouchable, utopic and partly literary. In an attempt to portray the hard situation in which she is currently found, the performer finds refuge to the only tool she has in order to comprehend the world: Literature. The text converses with Yiannis Ritsos’ Moonlight Sonata, incorporating some of the original lyrics, which enhance, in multiple ways, the messages conveyed by this new work.

The constant projection of the character’s need to get out of the house, to be freed from the isolation imposed by her disability, sheds light upon the relationship of the disabled persons with their social environment. Is the diversity of the disabled persons really acceptable? Is the Cypriot society familiar with the image of people using the services of a caregiver?

The script has been recorded, since the disability of the actress does not allow her to memorise a lengthy text. On stage, taking the form of a play within a play, a sign language translator interprets the text in the sign language. The directing approach, adapted to the diverse character of the disability, tends towards a hybrid theatrical genre, unavoidably limiting the performer’s movements and, hence, showcasing the perpetual movement of Discourse as the only performance.

In Greek

Performance: Marianna Pafiti
Directing/Artistic curation: Loukas Ioannou
Original music: Ioannis Schizas
Sound recording and mixing in 3 tracks: Yiannos Lakkotrypis
Sound recording/production: Christos Krasidis, Veramand Studio

Duration: 50’

Tickets: €12 /10

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