fountains of mojitos

fountains of mojitos

4 & 5 December

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Last event date: Thursday, December 05 2019 8:30PM

When do four dancers on stage become four women on stage? When does a dance group become a women’s gathering? When does the personal become shared and the collective become personal?  The new project of Evie Demetriou explores how four women share intimacies about friendship, love, sexuality. 

Concept/ Choreography:  Evie Demetriou
In collaboration with the performers: Rania Glymitsa, Milena Ugren Koulas, Julia Brendle, Eleftheria Socratous
Dramaturgy: Guy Cools
Lighting Design: Aleksandar Jotovic


Duration: 50'

Tickets: €7 / 5

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