Η τελευταία απολογία ενός πεθαμένου/FlashArt2

Η τελευταία απολογία ενός πεθαμένου/FlashArt2

The final apology of a dead man who killed three people and stabbed eight more  more

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Last event date: Saturday, September 11 2021 8:30PM

Nikos Koemtzis, a man who killed three policemen and wounded eight civilians for a “parangelia” – a request to the musicians to play a song – at the “Neraida of Athens” music hall in 1973, comes back from the dead for only one hour. He asks from the audience to be given a last chance to present from his own point of view the events that shocked the Greek society.

In Greek.

Written by: Vangelis Gettos
Directed by: Leandros Taliotis
Set and Costume design: Lakis Genethlis
Music: Vangelis Gettos
Production: ERGO Theatre
On stage: Alexandros Parisis

Duration: 60’

Tickets: €12 / 10

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