Ιστορίες από τη Σπηλιά/Θέατρο Ergo

Ιστορίες από τη Σπηλιά/Θέατρο Ergo

Narrator: Marina Katsari, Μusician Anastasia Demetriadou

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Last event date: Friday, November 04 2022 8:30PM

What motivates a woman to continue fighting through the centuries? What otherworldly source of persistence makes her stand upright on earth? How does love continue to spread light despite the hatred all around?

Narrator Marina Katsari and musician Anastasia Demetriadou immerse themselves into the primal calling of discourse and sound, reinventing archetypal tales of women who decided to break free from the cave of their body and mind.

Performed by: Marina Katsari & Anastasia Demetriadou
Music composition: Anastasia Demetriadou
Research: Marina Katsari & Rebecca Katsari
Text editing: Vaggelis Gettos

Duration: 60'

Tickets: €12/10

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