Μάνος Ελευθερίου:Άξιος Λόγου

Μάνος Ελευθερίου:Άξιος Λόγου

Vivliotropio | In praise of Manos Eleftheriou

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Last event date: Thursday, May 09 2024 8:30PM

Vivliotropio Book Club pays a literary tribute to Manos Eleftheriou, highlighting the significance of the Greek poet’s corpus of work. On Rialto’s stage, singer and songwriter Fivos Delivorias, songwriter Odysseas Ioannou and writer/researcher of Eleftheriou’s work, Stavros Kartsonakis, all reflect on Eleftheriou’s writings by means of their own personal longstanding relationship with him.

Conductor Neoklis Neophytidis curated the musical part of the event, featuring Fivos Delivorias, Margarita Zorbala, and Yiorgos Ioannou, as well as musicians Neocles Neofytidis, Constantinos Makaritis, Costas Apokidis, and Yiorgos Spyrou.

Duration: 90'

Tickets: € 5

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