Μαρίζα Ρίζου - Ανάμεσα στα Άστρα

Μαρίζα Ρίζου - Ανάμεσα στα Άστρα

A concert presenting old and new songs by the talented songwriter’s discography, as well as her own beloved covers. An opportunity to meet ourself and the others, and leave with a smile on our face, as if floating among the stars. 

Vangelis Katsarelis (trumpet), Angelos Aivazis (guitars, vocals), Yiorgos Mouchtaris (double bass), Yiorgos Kosteletos (drums), Markos Haidemenos (piano / orchestrations). 

Sponsor: Medochemie
Media Sponsor: CyBC, LOVE FM

Duration: 100’

Tickets: €18 /14