Mata Hari

Mata Hari

Moscow "Theatre LUNA"


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Last event date: Wednesday, April 05 2017 7:00PM

Moscow "Theatre LUNA" under the direction of Peoples artist of Russia Sergey Prohanov presents:

This is a story of love, betray  and remorse, rivalry and revenge.

In the center of the action – the two women's destinies: legendary dancer, courtesan, and the most famous spy of the First world war, Mata Hari and her friend, rival and traitor Hannah Wittig.

In this unusual show intertwined past, present, future, reality and vision, East and West.

Performed by:

Anna Terehova, honored artist of Russia

Elena Zaharova, star of TV

Mikhail Polosyhin, honored artist of Russia

Vladimir Tyagichev and other

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission.

Price of tickes: 40,35,30 Euro

Supporters 25 Euro

Language of performance - Russian

Age 16+

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