Ο Τζόνι πήρε τ' όπλο του

Ο Τζόνι πήρε τ' όπλο του

Johnny got his gun

A World War I army soldier is in hospital suffering amputation and disfigurement. Despite being trapped in his own body and unable to communicate, he still has the clarity to think and remember, which in the end, is more a curse than a blessing. 

This thrilling monologue written by Sophia Adamidou, based on Dalton Trumbo’s original text, is flawlessly performed by Tassos Iordanides. Directing: Thalia Matika, Projections and music: Tasos Sotirakis, Set concept and design: Ilenia Douladiri, Lighting: Sakis Mpirmpilis.

In Greek

Duration: 60'

Tickets: €15/ 12