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8.00 €
Left Stand, Main, Right Stand

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Would you like to be famous?
When did you last sing to yourself?
To someone else?
What is your most terrible memory?
How close and warm is your family?
4 dancers... 36 questions...

Between a talk show and a Sunday confession, Q&A from Israel shares intimate moments from the performers’ lives and creates more like a sharing than a traditional performance. Ultimately, we are all looking for connections with other people and this work offers an opportunity to break down our barriers and boundaries towards other people.

Choreography: Rachel Erdos
Performers: Matan David, Tomer Giat, Shay Haramaty, Ori Lenkinski

Duration: 50'

Organised by: Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth & Rialto Theatre

Tickets: € 8 (€ 30 for all performances)
Free entrance for students, soldiers, pensioners and dance professionals

Free transportation from Nicosia

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