Sea Wall by SIMON STEPHENS/on stage

Sea Wall by SIMON STEPHENS/on stage

FlashArt @Rialto

The performance, which was scheduled to be presented in the 1st FlashArt@Rialto and was postponed multiple times due to the ongoing pandemic, finally comes to Rialto’s stage.

In the Sea Wall, Simon Stephens attempts an honest exploration of a father’s loss. The narration addresses with exceptional sensitivity, humour and insightfulness the challenges and the joy of being a father, while emphasizing on the great matters of our existence such as birth, death, love, absence, fear and everything related to what we call “the human condition”. At the same time, the fact that the story is told by a man who, in the context of his social gender, has to challenge gender stereotypes and prejudices, curtailing his right to grief and human weakness, adds an extra layer of interest to the narrative.

Simon Stephens is one of the greatest and most beloved English playwrights, who adapted for stage Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Translator/Director: Maria Iole Karolidou
Sound Design: Christina Georgiou
Set/Costume Design: Maria Georgiou
Movement: Panayiotis Tofi
Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris
Visual communication: Christiana Konstantinou
On stage: Panos Makris

For ages 12+

Duration: 50'
Tickets: €12 /10