Στες άκρες των ακρών στην τέλειωσιν του κοσμου

Στες άκρες των ακρών στην τέλειωσιν του κοσμου

To the very edges, to the ends of the world – Michalis Christodoulides

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Last event date: Thursday, February 15 2024 8:30PM

A live concert dedicated to the Acritic songs and fables of Cyprus. The Cypriot dialect, a distinct and integral part of the Greek language, forms the centrepiece of a unique musical spectacle that brings the chronicles of the Akritai to life through enchanting shadow puppet theatre.

A formidable Saracen emerges on stage, casting a looming shadow that instils fear and dread throughout Cyprus. Konstantas must face him down and liberate the island. A colossal Kraken holds the wells and springs of Cyprus captive. Konstantas is summoned once again to banish the fearsome monster. Finally, an elegy for the brother who sings of his oath to defy death so that his mother and sister reunite.

Artistic direction and puppet designs: Andy Bargilly
Shadow play performed by: Pambos Charalambous
Lighting: Karolina Spyrou
Singers: Yiannis Dionysiou, Katerina Paraschou, Paris Paraschou
The composer conducts a seven-piece orchestra.

Duration: 80'

Tickets: €10

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