Στους Κτύπους της Καρδιάς ο Κόσμος Ταξιδεύει

Στους Κτύπους της Καρδιάς ο Κόσμος Ταξιδεύει

Lanitio Lyceum & Marios Tokas Music School in Concert 

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Last event date: Thursday, April 30 2020 8:30PM

A musical theatre in quest for love, dedicated to World Music and Literature. Prominent personalities, intellectuals and artists from across the globe defeat time and talk about the multifaceted and universal concept of Love. Presented by the choir and orchestra of Lanitio Lyceum - Marios Tokas Music School, and directed by Costas Sylvestros.

Organized by Lanitio Lyceum in collaboration with the School Boards of Limassol, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lanitio Schools.

Duration: 90’

Free entrance

Our offer

A soundwalk around and across Heroes’ Square. In Greek & English

Presentation of the new album by acclaimed singer Vakia Stavrou

A tribute to Albert Camus by Vivliotropio. In Greek

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