Τα Παράπονα στο Δήμαρχο (L'ora legale)

Τα Παράπονα στο Δήμαρχο (L'ora legale)

Rialto Summer Cinema

Italian box-office smash hit of 2017, It’s the law, directed by Ficarra and Picone, is one of the finest and most acclaimed comedies of the past years. Exasperated by the scandals and power abuse of their long-time mayor, the moment has arrived for the residents of a Sicilian town to elect a new one who promises to serve them with honesty. But the community will soon discover that change and legality require sacrifices. Desperate to return to their old rules, they will do anything to force the new mayor to resign.

Cast: Ficarra, Picone, Vincenzo Amato, Antonio Catania, Sergio Friscia, Eleonora De Luca 

In Italian with Greek and English subtitles

SEK Parking Space (behind Rialto main building)

Duration: 92'

Tickets: € 7