The Bolshoi

The Bolshoi


Yulka is a young girl from a poor mining town. When her father dies, she runs away from home, to Moscow, to become a ballerina, as her father dreamed. And she is accepted into the ballet academy at the Bolshoi Theatre. Yulya is incredibly talented, and a grand career awaits. She acquires a mentor – a gifted older ballerina. Both her best friend and, at the same time, her chief rival. But Yulya’s complex character, falling in love, her family’s dire straits – all these components of normal life – become obstacles on her career path. And she of her own volition gives up the leading role in the final performance. And with it – her dream.

And only with the passage of several years does she realise that she made the wrong choice, that ballet is her life. And that nothing else has any meaning. And they she begins her journey again, overcoming difficulties, obstacles in the world around her, and her own mistakes. And she gets a second chance. The chance to become who she really is.

Producers: Valery Todorovsky, Anton Zlatopolsky
Concept: Valery Todorovsky
Screenplay: Anastasia Palchikova
On the motives of the adapted synopsis by Ilya Tilkin, Valery Todorovsky
Director of photography: Sergey Mikhalchuk
Production designer: Vladimir Gudilin
Costume designer: Alexander Osipov
Sound: Sergey Chuprov
Editor: Alexey Bobrov
Composer: Anna Drubich, Pavel Karmanov
Leading Actors: Margarita Simonova, Anna Isaeva, Alisa Freindlich, Valentina Telishkina, Alexander Domogarov, Nicolas Le Riche

VALERY TODOROVSKIY – Producer, Director
Director, screenwriter, producer. Was born 08.05.1962 in Odessa. Graduated from the department of screenwriters of VGIK (1984). Screenwriter of 14 fiction films. Prize-winner of international and national film festival. Producer of 60 television series and 25 feature films. Wrote the scripts for the successful films Dvoynik (1986), Gambrinus (1990), Cynics (Cyniki, 1991), and Over the Dark Water (Nad tyomnoy vodoy, 1993). He debuted as a director with Mortuary Car (Katafalk, 1989, Golden Ducat in Mannheim). This was followed by the acclaimed films Love (Lyubov, 1991), an updated film version of Nikolai Leskov’s novel Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District entitled Katya Ismailova (Podmoskovniye vechera, 1994), the drama The Land of the Deaf (Strana glukhikh, 1997), The Lover (Lyubovnik, 2002), My Stepbrother Frankenstein (Moy svodny brat Frankenshteyn, 2004), Vice (Tiski, 2007), Hipsters (Stilyagi, 2008), The Thaw ( Ottepel, 2013, TV-Drama), The Bolshoi (Bolshoi, 2016)

In Russian, with Greek and English subtitles.

Duration: 132’


Sponsor: SFC Management Services
Media Sponsor: Russian Wave Radio

Tickets: €10 / 7