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Balcony, Box Left, Box Right, Orchestra

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The Night of The Ad Eaters is the international project which was created more than 40 Years ago by Jean Marie Boursicot. Back then he made his first program out of the commercials he found during his job in a cinema in France. Since he first showed it to his friends, millions of people around the world became fans of The Night of The Ad Eaters. At the present moment Jean Marie has the biggest Cinematheque in the world and every year he makes a new program to be presented just once around the globe.

The Program consists of commercial masterpieces (mini-films) which he collects from all over the world. The Program includes commercial masterpieces from different countries and years of production. Once a year people come together to enjoy the show where they can laugh, cry and feel different range of emotions together in a friendly atmosphere. The Program can not be seen in any other place and time which makes it really unique. Content 18+

Show time: 17:00-00:00 with 1 break

Price: 50 E

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