Θυμήσου Σώμα.../Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης

Θυμήσου Σώμα.../Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης

Love poems of Constantine P. Cavafy

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Last event date: Friday, October 22 2021 8:30PM

Composer Yiorgos Kalogirou sets the love poems of Constantine P. Cavafy to music, featuring piano, bassoon, the voice of a baritone and a narrator, while introducing texts of the poet and intermezzos in-between the songs. In these love poems, which make up the repertoire of songs performed, the poet intensely expresses love through the memory of the body, attributing to it a mental and spiritual dimension.

With the participation of: Evangelos Christodoulou (bassoon), Nataly Neophytou (oboe), Manolis Neophytou (piano) and Yiorgos Kalogirou (composition, performance, narration)

Duration: 70'

Tickets: €12 / 10

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