The Platform’s institution is a Cultural Services organization of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the RIALTO Theatre, which offers the stage to contemporary dance performers in order to create and be expressed through this art, which meets important growth in our country the recent years.

The Dance Platform is taking place on a yearly basis – each March – and is dealing with new contemporary dance creations, of non-commercial type, which have not yet been presented in Cyprus or abroad. Via a relevant procedure the responsible Committee selects the groups that will be presented, among the leader groups of contemporary dance in Cyprus, who applied for participation.

Important celebrities of the International contemporary dance scene are being invited at the Festival, exchanging views with the performers and the audience, thus contributing to a bigger fermentation regarding dance issues; at the same time, they are occasionally selecting and inviting performances in order to be presented at events or festivals abroad.

Apart from its main program at the RIALTO Theatre, the Platform includes a variety of parallel events, performances and discussions and various locations in town, which give a complete comprehensive look with regards to contemporary dance in Cyprus.

The selection of performances, for representing Cyprus at the European Dance Festival, also takes place at this Festival.