Establishment Year: 2014

The Jazz & World Music Showcase, which is organised by the Cultural Services of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Cyprus Music Information Centre and Rialto Theatre, returns for its sixth amazing edition. The primary objective of the Showcase is the presentation, encouragement and promotion of Cypriot composers and musicians, as well as the enhancement of their communication with the audience. 

Another important objective of the Showcase is to ensure music networking both in Cyprus and abroad. Within this context, the event provides an additional incentive to Cypriot artists, since it offers to all participants the opportunity to establish collaborations between them, as well as to create synergies with artists from other countries. In order to secure this objective, prominent personalities from the international music scene are invited every year to attend the concerts, with a view to promoting the contemporary artists of Cyprus and building bridges and collaborations between musicians, organisers and international festivals.

Moreover, special emphasis is given on informing and educating artists, as well as those involved in the cultural development of the island, regarding the most prominent ways of music production and promotion in our days on international level. This is being accomplished through discussions with music experts and jam sessions. 

The participating bands at the 6th Jazz & World Music Showcase are:  Marios Gregoriou Quartet, Larva, Eleonora Roussou Band – “Hara”, Macumba, Sol Aurorae, Amalgamation Choir Feat. Ermis Michael, Bitter Daphne, Trio Misterioso.

In the framework of Showcase parallel discussion event, will be held on November 28th following a Jam session with Ermis & Lee band. Jam sessions will take place this year after the main program at Rialto Theatre, both on November 29 and 30. The three jam sessions, will take place at Art Studio 55 (next to the Rialto Theater) is an innovation of this year's event.

Organizers: Cultural Services of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Cyprus Music Information Centre and Rialto Theatre.

The following bands participated in the previous Jazz & World Music Showcase editions:

1st Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase (26 & 27/9/2014)
Symmetry Quartet, Rodosthenous Quartet, Sur Quintet, The Amalgamation Project, Café Balkan, Takoushis-Karapatakis project –with Zacharias Spyridakis, Bass out, Tri-cool-ore, Ireneaos Trio.

2nd Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase (27 & 28/11/2015)
Ireneos Koulouras Trio, Greg Makamian Quartet, Marios Gregoriou Quartet, The Zilla Project, Afro Banda Banana, Andreas Rodosthenous Trio, Pol Balardi’s Force (Luxembourg), TriCoolore feat. Pantelis Stoikos, Morfitis Funkastic.

3rd Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase (18 &19/11/2016)
Leonid Nesterov Trio, Trio Frisson, Rumba Attack featuring Christina Polycarpou, Takoushis Karapatakis Project and Cahit Kutrafali Quartet, The Original Quartet, Nikos Charalambous Trio, Fuzz Bus, Urban Trio featuring Andreas Polyzogopoulos, TriCoolOre featuring Pantelis Stoikos, Dimitris Lappas.

4th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase (24 & 25/11/2017)
Alexis Kasinos Quartet, Ioannou / Vafeas Quartet, Loizos Pafitis “The Underdog”, Macumba, Free Over Four, Trio Tekke & Dave De Rose, Vasiliki Anastasiou - The Amalgamation Project, Mighty Sugarcane.

5th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase (23 & 24/11/2018)
Tree of Dawn, The Next Formation, Junkey Moneywise, Michael Messios Symmetry Band…Reloaded, Karapatakis/Hilenabrand/Spyridakis, Georgos Bizios Group: Renato's Journey in the Vortex, Nicolas Tryphonos Quintet, Andreas Rodosthenous Trio, Odysseas Toumazou Trio, Café Balkan.