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After seventeen years of consecutive festival editions under the name “European Contemporary Dance Festival”, this year’s Festival expands and adopts a new title: Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival. The new name corresponds to the Festival’s need to cross «European boundaries» and reach countries of the wider region, and especially of the southeastern Mediterranean.

With a diverse participation of nine countries, the Festival presents contemporary dance tendencies to the Cypriot audience, highlighting at the same time the advancement of contemporary dance internationally. The Festival has established a special position on the map of contemporary dance events and it has succeeded in building bridges with worldwide choreographic productions. Every year the Festival hosts acclaimed dance groups from Europe, which comprise the greatest part of the Festival programme. At the same time, it carries on the tradition of the past years, by hosting an equally prestigious group from the neighbouring country of Israel, in the framework of expanding into the wider region surrounding the island. Four dance groups from Cyprus, which participated in this year’s Contemporary Dance Platform, are also included in the programme.

This year’s edition is enhanced by the increased number of performances in Nicosia. Having already launched its presence in the events of the capital city of Cyprus a few years back, the organizers have planned an even more balanced programme for this year, with dance performances in both host cities.  This year’s programme includes six dance works at Rialto Theatre (Limassol) and five in Nicosia (4 at Pallas Theatre and 1 at Dance House Lefkosia). Moreover, dance fans in both cities will have the opportunity to watch all performances by taking advantage of the free bus transportation offered by the Festival (details to be announced).

The Festival is co-organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and Rialto Theatre, in collaboration with the Embassies and the cultural centres of the participating countries.

Programme of Performances at RIALTO THEATRE

2/6Group:  Internationaal Danstheater (The Netherlands)


      Title:  “Fado-Ritual e Sombras” (2014)

5/6Group: ROOTLESSROOT (Greece)

       Title: “W Memorabilia (Phaedra’s Laboratory)” (2014)

10/6 Group:HURyCAN(Spain)  

       Title: “Je te haime” (2013)

15/6Group: Art Of Spectra (Sweden)

       Title: “FRAGMENT” (2014)

27/6Group: T42dance Projects (Switzerland)

    Titles: Another Chopsticks Story (2011) / Black Swan (2013)

30/6Group: 6th Dimension (France)

         Title: "Tell me, what you dance?”(2015) / "I feel good" (2010)

Programme of Performances in Nicosia

1/6Group: Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theatre (Israel) – Pallas Theatre

         Title: «4Men, Alice, Bach and the Deer»

7/6Group: ROOTLESSROOT (Greece) – Pallas Theatre

        Title: “W Memorabilia (Phaedra’s Laboratory)” (2014)

9/6Group: HURyCAN (Spain)  - Dance House Lefkosia

       Title: “Je te haime” (2013)

21/6Group:Cie Twain Physical Dance(Italy) - Pallas Theatre

         Title: Lei e Trancredi, denounce di corpi parlanti”

28/6  Cyprus – Pallas Theatre

        Group: Julia Brendle in collaboration with Marios Constantinou

        Title: Within & Between

        Group: Fotis Nicolaou,  

        Title: Inland

        Group: AsomatesDynameis dance company / Machi Dimitriadou - Lindahl

        Title: Gate


        Title: Happiness

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