Γιάννης Κότσιρας & Θοδωρής Οικονόμου

Γιάννης Κότσιρας & Θοδωρής Οικονόμου


A piano and voice recital featuring songs by prominent songwriter Manos Eleftheriou who passed away last summer.

Yiannis Kotsiras, one of the most acclaimed and beloved Greek singers, meets on stage composer and pianist Thodoris Economou. In an era of extreme “show-off”, the two friends and artists focus on the essence of music without embellishments, driven by their love for the work of this remarkable songwriter, as well as their need to present a song in its bare form.

Sponsor: Medpool

Media Sponsor: CyBC & Kanali 6

Duration: 75’

TicketsL € 22 / 17