Η Γκόλφω

Η Γκόλφω

Theatro Dendro

Golfo, the emblematic romance written by Spyridon Peresiadis, narrates the tragic love story of young Golfo and Tasos who swear eternal love to one another. True to her word, Golfo rejects the nobleman who wishes to marry her, but Tasos breaks his promise and agrees to wed a rich young woman instead.

Directed and re-written by: Leandros Taliotis
Costume/Set design: Mikaella Kasinou, Music: Andreas Moustoukis
Cast: Andria Zeniou, Giorgos Kyriacou,  Katerina Loura, Alexandros Parisis
Musicians on stage: Vasilis Vasiliou, Yiannis Koutis, Zacharias Spyridakis

Duration: 80'

Tickets: €15 - 12