Italian Film Days

Italian Film Days

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The Italian Embassy in Cyprus presents the second edition of the “Italian Film Days”, a film festival organised in collaboration with the Italian film production company IMAGO, the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, Pantheon in Nicosia and K. Cineplex in Larnaka from 9th until 15th of September.

It aims at showcasing some of the best recent Italian film productions to Cypriot audiences. In order to enhance the viewing experience, the Festival will feature VIP guests from Italy, video interviews with actors/directors before each screening, informative material and the possibility for the audience to interact through ratings and discussions. This year’s edition has been expanded with more films, more locations and full subtitles in Greek and in English. All films will be introduced by the Festival Director, Claudio Rossi Massimi, a filmmaker himself.

The Festival moves to Rialto Theatre and concludes in Limassol on the weekend 14 & 15/9 with a special closing night on September 15th featuring the film “Un figlio a tutti i costi” (A Child at all Costs). Director/actor Fabio Gravina and producer/screenwriter Salvatore Scarico will personally introduce the movie. That same evening, based on the public’s ratings, the most liked film of the festival will be announced. This second edition of Italian Film Days is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture, who also generously sponsored the subtitles in Greek, of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and of the Municipalities of Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

Screening's Programme @ Rialto Theatre

Saturday 14 September 7 PM

La pelle dell’orso (The Bear Skin)
Director: Marco Segato
Duration: 92 min. Genre: Drama Year: 2016
Actors: Marco Paolini, Leonardo Mason, Lucia Mascino, Paolo Pierobon, Maria Paiato, Mirko Artuso, Valerio Mazzucato, Massimo Totola

1950s. Domenico is a young boy who lives in a village in the heart of the Dolomite mountains. His father, Pietro, is fifty years old but seems older, worn out by loneliness and wine; he works at the quarry owned by Crepaz, a local unscrupulous entrepreneur. The relationship between father and son is harsh and difficult; the long silences turned them into two strangers. Since some time, a bear threatens the peace of the village. One night, at the pub, Pietro challenges Crepaz: he is going to kill the bear in exchange for money. The next day, at dawn, he sets out towards the forest. Domenico decides to follow him. Father and son plunge into the woods, deeper and deeper. Little by little, they will become closer and the wall which separated them will crumble before the immensity of nature.

Saturday 14 September 9 PM

Perfetti sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers)
Director: Paolo Genovese
Duration: 97 min. Genre: Comedy Year: 2016
Actors: Marco Giallini, Edoardo Leo, Kasia Smutniak, Alba Rohrwacher, Valerio Mastrandrea, Anna Foglietta, Giuseppe Battiston, Benedetta Porcaroli

Each of us has three lives: a public, a private and a secret one. Once, the secret was well protected in the archive in our memory, today it is within our sim cards. What would happen if that tiny card started talking? During a dinner with friends, the hostess Eva says she is convinced that many couples would leave each other they had access to the contents of the other's cell phone. So a kind of game starts as everyone puts their phone on the table and accepts to read sms / chat or listen to phone calls. What initially seems like an innocent pastime gradually turns into something very different.

Sunday 15 September 8 PM: Closing Night of the Festival

Un figlio a tutti i costi (A Child at All Costs)
Director: Fabio Gravina
Duration: 90 min. Genre: Comedy Year: 2018
Actors: Fabio Gravina, Roberta Garzia, Maurizio Mattioli, Gianni Ciardo, Paola Riolo, Stefano Masciarelli, Emanuela Titocchia, N’Duccio, Beppe Convertini, Angelo Di Gennaro, Gino Cogliandro

A couple strongly desires a child but is unable to conceive. The husband, stressed and exhausted by the stubbornness of his wife, suggests adoption, but she has an alternative ready: another man will give her the child, but not with artificial insemination…

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