Κύπρος της γης παράδεισος!...

Κύπρος της γης παράδεισος!...

Melodies and dances from Cypriot folk tradition

Limassol Folklore Association invites the audience to an enchanting journey across the richness of the Cypriot folk tradition presenting images, texts, melodies, dances, folk customs and rituals.

With the participation of the LFA’s Dance Group and young members of the Association, with Antama music ensemble, acclaimed singers Michalis Tterlikkas, Neofytos Armeftis, Costis Kouloumis and virtuoso instrumentalists Michalis Kouloumis (violin) and Petros Kouloumis (lute/voice).

Texts and presentation: Lambros Liavas
Curation and introduction: Constantinos Protopapas

Duration: 100'
Tickets: €12 / 10