Μια φορά και ένα καιρό στην Χελωνοχώρα

Μια φορά και ένα καιρό στην Χελωνοχώρα

Dance performance Once upon a time in Turtle Land

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Last event date: Thursday, July 14 2022 8:00PM

On the completion of thirty years of operation, "Evi Panayiotou" Dance School presents the dance performance "Once upon a time in Turtle Land" - July 14, 2022, Rialto Theatre. A work inspired by one of the many stories in the fairytale collection One Thousand and One Nights, the story entitled “The Partridge and the Turtles”, which talks about the need for wisdom and goodness through our actions and which reminds us that every path is predestined for all, so the best way to experience life is to accept ourselves!

Choreography: Evi Panayiotou and Andria Vassiliou

Duration: 80 minutes

Rialto Theatre, Limassol
Thursday 14 July 2022
Time: 20:00
Ticket price: 10 euros
Information and reservations: 77 77 77 45 /

Sponsors: AC Demetriou Developers LTD, Dynamic Sphera Construction and Developer LTD, HIview Construction and Developer LTD, Agriplant Gardens.
Media Sponsor: CAPITAL TV 

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