Perfumer-Patrick Suskind

Perfumer-Patrick Suskind

Producer: Dmitry Doroshenko, Actor: Andrey Noskov. In Russian (16+)

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Last event date: Thursday, March 23 2023 8:00PM

What surrounds and haunts us from childhood until the end of our lives, forcing us to love, obey, serve and bow down? Smells! Millions of flavours, depending on the consistency, make a person either happy or unhappy. The whole existence of mankind is filled with the sense of smell. It was this feeling that allowed a person not only to survive in the difficult conditions of the struggle of species on Earth, but to dominate and rule, and also to become a highly developed personality, create nuclear weapons and fly to space.

We love smells, we are slaves of smells, we are gods of smells! Erotica, love, death and desperate, animal desire to rule the world with the help of the perfect fragrance! All this is Perfumer!

Producer: Dmitry Doroshenko
Actor: Andrey Noskov
Choreographer: Maria Semushina
The unique performance Perfumer is based on the scandalous novel of Patrick Suskind. We are waiting for you to taste the voluptuous aroma of the performance Perfumer together.

Duration: 120'

Tickets: € 70 / 60 / 50 / 40

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