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Billy says that he’s decided to stop talking to you. He thinks you should all learn sign language. He says...He’s spent his life trying to understand you and now he thinks you should try to understand him.

Young Billy, born deaf, has had a “normal” upbringing in a family that has done everything to ease the consequences of being different.  But what happens when somebody from his “tribe” invites him to join him? How will he respond to the calling of his own nature?

Nina Raine, a new dynamic voice in British theatre deals with the sensitive subject of an organic “disability”, balancing between humour and drama. With a subversive approach and staying clear from melodrama, the writer penetrates into the character’s’  mentality, eventually displaying many versions of diversity. Athina Kasiou, a director with experience in text with great substance, has been called to highlight the aspects of the script that was awarded the 2012 Drama Desk award for Outstanding Play and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award.

Translator: Eri Kyrgia
Director: Athina Kasiou
Set & Costume Designer: Lydia Mandridou
Music & Sound Designer: Antonis Antoniou

Cast: Demetra Demetriadou, Lambros Constanteas, Marios Constantinou, Spyros Stavrinides, Antonia Charalambous, Niovi Charalambous

Recomended age 18+

With English and Turkish surtitles. 

Tickets: € 12 / 6

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