Ποντικοπαγίδα/Άγκαθα Κρίστι

Ποντικοπαγίδα/Άγκαθα Κρίστι

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Last event date: Tuesday, December 21 2021 8:30PM

Agatha Christie’s legendary murder mystery play staged by Dionysos Theatre and directed by Christos Yiangou.

Three women and five men who spend their holidays in a country house are cut off by the snow. Their stay will become a nightmare as soon as they discover that there is a murderer in their midst, an ingenious killer who has already murdered someone in London. Detective Trotter is investigating the case, trying to solve the mystery. Who will be the next victim?

Translated by: Antonis Galeos
Set and costume design: Lakis Genethlis
Lighting design: Yiorgos Lazoglou
Music: Yiorgos Kolias

Cast (in the order of appearance): Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, Markos Kallis, Christos Spyrou, Elena Papadopoulou, Christos Yiangou, Martha Constantinou, Manolis Michailidis, Grigoris Georgiou.

Duration: 120'

Tickets: €15 / 12

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