Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades

Within the framework of the IV International Theater Festival “Five Evenings in Cyprus”

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25.00 €
Balcony, Box Left, Box Right, Orchestra

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The performance-monologue of Evgeny Knyazev will take us to St. Petersburg in the time of Pushkin.

We will find ourselves in the company of ladies, dressed in magnificent finery and brilliant secular manners gentlemen.

We will hear the story of great winners and one tragic loser,  try to find out the secret of the "three cards" from the rich and capricious Countess, we will mourn over the broken fate of the poor girl Lisa and in the end we will witness of the madness of the main character.

In an hour and a half of stage time, the Actor masterfully changes masks, turning before our eyes into an old Countess, then into her poor pupil, then into a young man obsessed with the game. 

Revived images light haze hover in space, sit down in the stalls next to the audience, dissolve in the music of Pushkin's words.

Is it worth challenging Fate and can a person overcome what is destined for him, prepared from above?

Let's find answers to these questions together with Evgeny Knyazev.  

Language - Russian.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission.

Age limit: 12+

Tickets: €25 / 20