Red Peter Aπό τον πίθηκο στον Άνθρωπο

Red Peter Aπό τον πίθηκο στον Άνθρωπο

Red Peter - An adaption of Frantz Kafka’s works I With Greek & Turkish surtitles (12+)

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Last event date: Thursday, June 01 2023 8:30PM

Red Peter, speaking before a scientific conference, describes his former life as an ape. His story begins in a West African jungle where a hunting expedition shoots and captures him. Caged on a ship for his voyage to Europe, he finds himself for the first time without the freedom to move as he will. Needing to escape from this situation, he studies the habits of the crew, and imitates them with surprising ease; Upon arriving in Europe, the ape realizes that he is faced with a choice between "the Zoological Garden or the Music Hall," and devotes himself to becoming human enough to become an able performer.

Directing & Dramaturgy: Neoklis Neokleous
Set and costumes: Savvas Mylona
Music and music teaching: Christina Argyri
Lyrics: Stavros Stavrou
Cast: Alexandros Martidis, Izel Seylani
Photos: Christos Avraamides

With Greek and Turkish surtitles.
Ages: 12+

Rialto Theatre, Andrea Drousioti, Str.Heroes Square 3040 Lemesos

Price: €13/10
Box Office: 77777745 (Monday - Friday 10:00-15:00)

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