Σκοπευτήριο_Μιχάλης Παπαδόπουλος

Σκοπευτήριο_Μιχάλης Παπαδόπουλος

The Shooting Ground – Michalis Papadopoulos Ι Solo for Three

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Last event date: Friday, April 05 2024 8:30PM

Solo for Three theatre group, in collaboration with Antilogos Theatre, presents the work of Michalis Papadopoulos titled The Shooting Ground. The play’s title is inspired by the “Shooting Range of Kaisariani”, a memorial site connected to the two hundred fighters who were executed in 1944 by the Nazis. The writer deliberately sets the plot in a flat near the Shooting Range to demonstrate how racism continues to pose a threat to places traditionally related to Resistance against fascism.

The plot is set in today’s world. Anna and Nicos, a couple in their late forties, are waiting for Costas, the artistic director of a festival, to promote Nicos’s most recent play. Nicos is a playwright and Anna is a TV news presenter. They have been together for years, in fact, for such a long time, that they grew weary of each other. Just before Costas arrives, their eighteen-year-old son (Aris) shows up, confessing that, together with his friend, they stabbed an immigrant, revealing that both are members of an extreme right-wing group. Aris’s confessions will shake the very foundation of the family and the couple’s existence. They will soon come to realise that they have not only been alienated from one another but also from their own child. Delving into their past, they will be urged to remember where they come from in order to draw strength and face the upcoming disaster. When the couple decides on their next steps, history seems to be repeating itself. While the couple is yet again waiting for Costas, Aris shows up, confessing this time that he has just been the victim of a homophobic incident. In this second version, the couple must fight against their prejudices as well as against homophobia, to continue co-existing with Aris. The Shooting Ground tackles issues of homophobia and racism while also dealing with relationship and existential issues, with art and its evolution over time.

Directed by: Maria Mannaridou – Karsera
Set & Costume Design: Thelma Kasoulidou
Movement director: Eva Kalomiri
Music: Savvas Chrysostomou
Lighting design: Kyriakos Shiamptanis
Light-sound operator: Raphael Adamou
Technical support: K.S. Ichotechniki Ekdilosis
Video / Editing: Yiorgos Alexandrou
Graphic design / Photography: Nicole Karsera

Cast: Christina Christofia, Haris Kkolos, Michalis Kazakas.

Duration: 70'

Tickets: € 15 /12

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