Το περιστατικό της Μαντλέν/Θέατρο Τσέπης

Το περιστατικό της Μαντλέν/Θέατρο Τσέπης

Yue Madeleine Yue I Theatro Tsepis  more

A tragicomedy about the death of a young girl who falls into a hole in the streets of Kosovo. A play that comments on political corruption, power, bullying, racism, xenophobia and non-acceptance, portraying the situation in which a state is found. Which state, though? The previous collaboration of Theatro Tsepis with Jeton Neziraj demonstrated the similarities between the Cypriot and Kosovar mentalities, passions and intrigues.

In Greek.

Written by: Jeton Neziraj 
Translated/Directed by: Marios Theocharous
Set and Costume design: Thelma Kasoulidou
Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris
Music: Dimitris Spyrou
Witnesses: Andreas Nicolaides, Marileni Stavrou, Athina Savva

Duration: 75‘

Tickets: €10