Το Φεστιβάλ Δράμας Ταξιδεύει

Το Φεστιβάλ Δράμας Ταξιδεύει

Drama Short Film Festival travels to Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and Pafos with two-day screenings of Greek films that have garnered awards and distinctions.

The Short Film Festival in Drama, recognizing the need for further promotion of short films, has included in its annual programming the screening of short films in various cities in Greece and abroad.

Over the last twenty-five years, the films that have received awards and distinctions at the Short Film Festival in Drama have been takin a “long voyage” in order to meet with the movie-going audience, which shows an increasing interest in short films every year, Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, France, Australia, Italy, USA, Athens, Thessaloniki, as well as 80 cities all over Greece, have become stations, ports and destinations of the voyage of the Festival in Drama.

The position of the Festival in Drama in the domestic cinema world as the top festival of its kind, as well as its international recognition, are important factors for the success of its “voyages”, that mainly aim at the promotion of the work of new filmmakers.

Programme First Day for Each Town
1. Index Nicolas Kolovos 12’ (Arabs with Greek subtitles)
2. Sleepwalking Melissa Anastasi 19’
3. Sad Girl Weekend Dimitris Tsakaleas & Lida Vartzioti 15’
4. Violent equation Antonis Doussias 5’
5. Fourth wall (2018) Dimitris Gkotsis 10’ (Arabs with Greek subtitles)
6. I’am Mackenzie Artemis Anastasiadou 20’
7. Confession Andreas Sheittanis 22’
Overal Duration 103’

Programme Second Day for Each Town
1. Sable Noire Thanasis Trouboukis 20’ (French with Greek subtitles)
2. Fickering souls se alight Iakovos Panagopoulos 29’
3. Chopper Giorgos Kapsanakis 10’
4. La Ultima Hija (2018) Evi Karampatsou 21’ (Spanish with Greek subtitles)
5. Pathologies of Everyday Life Alexandros Papathanasopoulos 11’
6. W Stelios Koupetoris 6’
7. The distance between us and the sky Vasilis Kekatos 9’
Overal Duration 106’

Venues/ Dates / Information:
Nicosia, Cine Studio 10 & 12/2, 21:00 –96420491
Larncaca, Skala Theatre 10 & 11/2, 20:30 – 99434793
Pafos, House of Arts and Literature 10 & 11/2, 20:00 – 99521620
Limassol, Rialto Theatre 11 & 12/2, 20:30 – 77777745

Free entrance (Seat reservation is required)
With English subtitles


Media Sponsors: CYBC, Politis Newspaper & Politis 107.6 fm
Organisers: Ministry of Education, Cultural, Sports and Youth, Rialto Theatre and The Short Film Festival in Drama

In Collaboration: The Friends of Cinema Society Nicosia, The Larnaka Cinema Society, The Limassol Cine Club and The House of Arts and Literature of Pafos

Under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in Cyprus

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