Transfiguration - Olivier De Sagazan

Transfiguration - Olivier De Sagazan

Open House Festival / On Stage

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12.00 €
Main, Stage seats

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The Open House Festival begins with the renowned performance by painter and sculptor Olivier de Sagazan, portraying the artist’s insatiable desire to give life to the sculpture itself. In a desperate attempt, he covers his body in clay, eliminating his own identity and metamorphosing himself into a living work of art.

The performance was selected to participate in numerous festivals. According to the Guardian, it is one of the most original and innovative shows one will never forget.

Co-organised by the Rialto Theatre and Dance House Lemesos on the occasion of the theatre’s 20-year anniversary and the Open House Festival’s 10-year anniversary.

Duration: 45'

Tickets: €12-10

The ticket for this performance is not included in the price of the Festival card.

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