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15.00 €
Balcony, Box Left, Orchestra

Current events

An attempt to return to normality, En Crypto is a performance that asks the viewer to delete today’s living memories and painlessly return to the old ones, utterly alienating us from our own truth. We have nothing else to hide but reality.

Concept, choreography, directing: Elena Christodoulidou
Performers: Ivy Hadjivasiliou, Nicole Yiannaka, Ioanna Savva, Maria Masonou, Yiannis Economides, Liron Ozeri, Spyros Bekiaris, Apostolos Kousinas.
Music: Andreas Moustoukis
Set and costume design: Eleni Ioannou
Projections, camera: Alexandros Dimitriou
Lighting design: Alexander Yotovic
Production manager: Antonis Skordilis

Duration: 60'

Tickets: €15/10

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