Euphoria/DanSet School of Dance

Euphoria/DanSet School of Dance

Dance Show by DanSet School of Dance

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Last event date: Friday, July 01 2022 8:00PM

And there where everything may seem dark and different, then, in some magical way everything acquires a Euphoria overflowing with shine, scents and colours. A Euphoria that travels in a forest full of dreams and hope. Euphoria that is inviting you to fly in its own fairy-like dancing tale.

Choreographies/General Supervision: Rafaella Karalli, DanSet School of Dance
General Assistant: Varvara Nikolaou
Costumes: Anna Maria Antoniou
Costumes’ Supervision: Nikolina Michael
Scenery: Skinotechniki

Date July 1st, 2022
Time 20:00

Duration 105’

Tickets 12 euros

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Dance Show by Christina's Eliadou School of Ballet

17 Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

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