Μαρίνα Σάττι live

Μαρίνα Σάττι live

Marina Satti live @SEK Parking Place

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Last event date: Wednesday, July 17 2024 9:00PM

Pop, mainstream and ethnic, alluring, sensual yet also tender, formidable, and glamorous, Marina Satti was Greece’s representative in this year’s Eurovision contest, enthralling audiences in her country and beyond. This summer, she is gearing up for a dynamic live show from one stage to the next.

Marina never ceases to amaze as she breaks new ground each year with a fascinating amalgamation of references, influences, and choices that strengthen her bond with her fans. This year, she invites us to her concerts with a swagger and a flair for a twist! Across an array of unexpected ventures and experimentation with pop and urban elements, Marina keeps bringing incomparable freshness to a deconstruction of the music realm, all the way from traditional Balkan music down to trap.

From Mantissa to her debut album YENNA, and from last summer’s viral TUCUTUM, a comment on Balkan trap, to her ZARI – taking Europe by storm, sitting comfortably in #1 from the first days of its release on YouTube, spotify, apple music and the #50 global YouTube, Marina Satti has all it takes to lure us into her addictive universe with a live show set to bedazzle, enchant and have us dancing unapologetically to her rhythm.

Zurna, daouli and an 808, polyphonic alchemies, gaida and beats, trap and sensationalism, all come together this summer as Marina Satti casts her ZARI and dares to be exactly who she feels she is, wherever she may be! You might as well follow her and do the same.

Management: Alex Elsabag
Production: Prospero

19th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival @ Heroes’ Square

Duration: 100'

Free Entrance

With the collaboration: Limassol Municipality, Platres Community Council.

Our offer

Vassilis Philippou, Nikolas Tsangaris, @SEK Parking Place

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