Περιμένοντας τις Ευτυχισμένες Μέρες/FlashArt2

Περιμένοντας τις Ευτυχισμένες Μέρες/FlashArt2

Waiting for the Happy Days  more

A performance inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days that attempts to bring the characters face to face with an entirely uncertain present and a hovering sense of anticipation. A story about the eternal issue of meaningful connection between two human beings, emerging from the need for and expectation of a happy day, regardless of how distant it may be.

In Greek.

Dramaturgical Adaptation, Text, Directing: Daphne Miltiadou
Cast: Stelios Kallistratis, Avgoustina Stylianou
Set design: Theodora Foutrou
Music supervision: Andreas Michalopoulos
Production: Minimis Productions

Duration: 55’

Tickets: €12 / 10