Succes Story/Trio Ostinato(Flash Art 2022)

Succes Story/Trio Ostinato(Flash Art 2022)

Music compositions and visual material. (FlashArt 2022)

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Last event date: Wednesday, November 23 2022 8:30PM

Τhrough music compositions and visual material, Success Story presents a series of events that have torn the Cypriot society apart during the past 100 years, in which piano, violin and percussions co-exist, while combining contemporary improvisation techniques. Focusing on the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments, Trio Ostinato draws on broader social issues.

This commissioned work by Arts Embrace has enabled composer Haris Sophocleous to especially create this piece for the specific combination of instruments of Trio Ostinato chamber music ensemble. Trio Ostinato, consisting of Andrie Hadjiandreou (piano), Vicky Hadjiandreou (violin) and Natasa Hadjiandreou (percussions), is an amalgam of techniques and styles inspired by jazz, electric, classical music and multimedia, resulting in an original combination of instruments.

Duration: 50'

Tickets: €12 / 10

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