Τριγωνοψαρούλης/Θέατρο Τσέπης

Τριγωνοψαρούλης/Θέατρο Τσέπης

Trigonopsaroulis I Theatro Tsepis

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Last event date: Saturday, September 18 2021 5:00PM

Trigonopsaroulis returns to the Rialto Theatre and paves the way for love, self-respect, forgiveness and acceptance. Life in the sea, where little creatures live with their joys and sorrows, is more or less like ours. Trigonopsaroulis, a small triangular fish, so different from any other fish, seems to have been born to illuminate the murky waters of the seabed.

In Greek.

Written by: Vangelis Iliopoulos
Directed by: Marios Theocharous
Set and Costume design: Thelma Kasoulidou
Lighting: Vasilis Petinaris
Music - Movement: Dimitris Spyrou
Communication: Styliana Hadjigeorgiou
Artwork: Antreas Ioannou
Production coordinator: Afroditi Ntziourou
Cast: Varsia Adamou, Leda Karayianni, Afroditi Ntziourou, Elena Panayi

Duration: 45’

For children aged 4-7

Tickets: €8

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